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Clutch Transmission Services

There is a clutch and transmission in every vehicle. These are the parts responsible for keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly.
It’s true that Automatic Transmissions need a little more care than Manual ones. This is due to the fact that an Automatic Transmission requires a lot more components to function properly. It’s one of the trickiest pieces of the automobile to put together. If your transmission is having problems, you may hear a buzzing noise and/or feel a surge of power when shifting gears. Fluid seepage at the vehicle’s undercarriage is another telltale indicator. If you’re not sure, check under your vehicle before getting in. Do you hear a leak? You should probably schedule an appointment with us for a rapid service.
When using a manual transmission, the driver displaces the gears by depressing the clutch. In a manual transmission vehicle, four parts make up the modern clutch:
  • cover plate
  • pressure plate
  • driven plate
  • release bearing.
Problems with any one part of the clutch system might make shifting into gear difficult or impossible. If your clutch is having problems, you can tell with a few easy tests. One major one is noise. If a clutch is going through a tough period, they will open up to you. This may manifest as a pulsing sensation when pressed on, as well as a rattling, thudding, or squeaking sound. Clutches can either lock in place or be overly loose, both of which are equally prevalent. You should only attempt driving in these conditions as a last choice because you will almost certainly break your gearbox, shifter, and starter motor.
Tell us if your car has been making strange noises or shifting gears less smoothly than usual. It’s possible that your automobile requires a transmission or clutch service, and we can do that for you.

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